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Types of Therapy Available

I like you to be in control of your therapy, so consider the following........


What type of commitment you can give to your therapy sessions: - how many hours, financial commitments etc.  What you would like to achieve?  Do you have a goal?  


By having a better understanding of your goals we can discuss in person a more tailored approach.

Session Rates Per Therapy Type

Regular Therapy Session

Youth Counseling
Casual Meeting

One Off Therapy or Walk 'n' Talk

Chatting Over Coffee
Enjoying the Woods

These sessions take place on a weekly basis at the same day and time each week with set breaks at different times throughout the year.  Depending on what you are bringing to therapy and what you would like to achieve depends on how long the therapy will take to accomplish this.  I generally aim to work as effectively as possible and used both evidence and practise based techniques that help you to achieve your goals in as little time as possible whilst remaining safe and within your own pace. 


For some people this can be 8 weeks and for others it may be 2 years, so it is more about finding your flow and working within this.  Amount of sessions are discussed and agreed on session 3.  The first two sessions are for assessment to ensure I can work in a way that will be helpful for you, and then I am able to present the assessment outcome and potential next steps to be taken forward with the therapy, which of course will need to be agreed by you before we move forward.

Once your appointment has been booked from a telephone conversation, text message, email, or WhatsApp, you will be sent an email to confirm all the details agreed, including payment.

Rate:  £110 per 60 minute session.

  • Through standing order or a bank transfer 48 hours in advance of each session.

  • 75 - 90 minute assessment and processing sessions are charged as a single hour session, you do not pay more!

  • Session fee includes specialised assessment and treatment plans, and use of treatment tools, booklets, CD's and USB's that may be helpful along the way.



Sometimes we just want to go over that one thing or vent about the little things and see if there is a solution.  Maybe you are unsure if therapy is for you but you want to give it a go.  Maybe you have had a lot of counselling before and do not have the space for the commitment right now, but a one off session or the odd one here and there maybe valuable.  Everyday life can sometimes pile up on us and we just need that time and space to talk about it or go through options.  This is when a one off therapy session can be beneficial and I deliver them either through an online platform like zoom or by going for a stroll somewhere quiet enough to talk as we walk.

These sessions can be booked just one week in advance via the contact form on this website, email, text, WhatsApp, or telephone call.

I will only walk in open, well lit public areas that I know and 2 meters distance will be maintained due to the current COVID restrictions.  “Walk ‘n’ Talk” sessions also benefit from you being able to use the Alpha Stim AID® and location will be confirmed via the options on the website.  These types of sessions are treated as one off’s, you may of course have multiple one off appointments throughout the year.

Rate:  £110 per 60 minute session.

  • Through standing order or a bank transfer 48 hours in advance of each session.

Please view the appropriate pdf file below for additional information on PTSD and Complex PTSD for if you are an adult, young person or parent/carer.

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