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I work with adults and young people over the age of 16 completing a full assessment with you in the first two sessions, these sessions normally take around 75 - 90 minutes. This not only helps me to get to know you and what you are looking to achieve in our work together but also informs me of what type of counselling tools and techniques would be most beneficial and effective for you; and by contrary which ones would not be beneficial or effective for you.  This is then discussed with you providing options as we move forward. 


I am a believer that life is best lived outside of therapy, because of this you can rest assured that my goal is not only to reach your goals, but to do this within a time frame that works for you without keeping you in counselling for longer than is necessary.

Foggy Forest

Types of Therapy Available


Regular & One off Therapy – Online Video Sessions – Next Steps & Booking - Testimonials

Rock Balancing

Working with Trauma


Working with Traumatic Experiences -   What is Trauma? - What Does PTSD Feel Like? - Finding Relief after Trauma

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