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Clinical Supervision

Choosing a clinical supervisor is an important choice as a counsellor.  My website shows how I work as a counsellor and psychotherapist so here I would like to show how I work as a supervisor.

Most membership bodies require a minimum of 1.5 hours clinical supervision per calendar month, although if you are managing a full case load this may need to be increased as you see necessary.   You can choose to have this with one supervisor or you may have two different supervisors that specialise in the different areas you work within your practise.   I can provide regular supervision for all clinical work or specifically for trauma and PTSD.

Supportive Friend

I am a qualified clinical supervisor Accredited with SDS Seminars achieving level 3 Advanced with Assessed Academic and Clinical Competence & Approved by the BPS).  Here I take an exam every three years in order to keep my accreditation qualification.  I have received additional training within an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Traumatology and Supervision and I supervise much work relating to Trauma, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Mood disorders and Anxiety Disorders.

As a clinical supervisor I like to empower my supervisees by tailoring a contract based on their needs and wants from a supervisor.  This sets out how you like to spend and divide your time in supervision, if you work to a particular model or membership body, if you specialise in a certain area, what level of experience and training you are within, i.e. student, newly qualified professional or an experienced professional. 


Models of supervision used:

  • Proctor Functional Model (1986/1992)

  • Stoltenberg & Delworth (Integrated Developmental Model-IDM) 1987/1998

  • Lewin Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle

  • Corrie, S: Watts, M.H: Lane, D.A 2016 Delivering Supervision Effectively

  • Hawkins & Shohets  (Double Matrix Model  & 2012 Interlocking Matrice

  • Waskett 4S Solution Focused Strategy Model

I tend to integrate the skills based on what the supervisee is looking to achieve, sometimes this can be overall or session by session.  Many people use supervision to discuss problems or stuck areas which is great and of course part of the purpose of supervision but we do forget to talk about the celebrations we have.  This is important as research suggests that we learn much more from what we have done well, why we chose to work this way and how we can implement those skills again.

I provide both individual and group supervision which of course each have a different dynamic, so depending on what you are looking to get out of supervision depends on which one you would choose.


This is one to one supervision which I provide monthly or fortnightly.  The focus is on your client and your work with your client, with time to include you, learning, support, review and development that ties in with your current work.  Individual supervision does not allow for group/peer support in the form of additional ideas or experience but there is a greater focus on you as a supervisee.

Rate:  £75 per hour


I provide supervision in groups up to four people once per month or fortnightly.  I like to ensure the learning and development topics are relevant and of interest to all members of the group and I encourage learning and input on client work by the group after initial discussion.  It is important I make you feel a member of the group and supported within it both individually and as a whole.

Rate:  £90 per person for a 3 hour group session (group size of 4)

Adult Students
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