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Need someone to listen?

What is a mental health crisis?

'The point at which a person succumbs to stresses or pressures and descends into crisis'

At times we all reach a personal breaking point in our own mental health.  Your normal feelings maybe heightened, you may feel extremely anxious, having panic attacks, you may self harm or have suicidal feelings.


There are so many people and organisations who are here to help no matter what time of day or night.  Here are just a few......

NHS -Mental Health

Crisis Mental Health Helpline

In times of distress you can call for free the Crisis Line 24/7.

tel:  08009154644

text: 07717989024


Always available to listen 24 hrs a days 365 days a year -  all calls are free.

tel:    116123




Would you prefer to text rather than speak to someone. SHOUT is the first 24/7 crisis text line.  All texts are free and confidential.

text: 85258


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