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The Arbutus Tree is known as the "Tree of Depth and Integrity”, it is Symbolic of "Protection & Safety" which are all qualities I hope my practice mirrors.


Because one size doesn’t fit all, one model or approach to counselling is not going to suit everyone;  I feel it is important to create individual treatment plans based upon what you are looking to achieve or get to the bottom of. Providing a safe and confidential place where you can feel free to express yourself, allowing you to reflect and grow without judgement.   Regardless of what is causing you stress, anxiety or difficulties in life I can help you to understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings and sometimes physical reactions, giving you knowledge to find your way forward to a healthier happier you.

Ways to achieve Therapy

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You can choose from either face to face sessions, online video or telephone appointments.  I have Zoom, VSEE, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp and Webex.  In light of the current situation of Covid-19, I will only be providing online video or telephone sessions until further notice. This is to protect both of us from unnecessary travel and risk.


I do also provide one off appointments either online or in the form of “walk ‘n’ talk”, please view my therapy page for more information!

Who am I?

I live in Surrey and worked for many years in hospitality and then in sales and managing customer relationships, however, I felt this was not my vocation.  I decided having experienced events and difficulties myself in my life and having recieved counselling and therapy too, I wanted to use that experience to help others. So I went back to school and qualified as a therapist.... and over the years have trained across a variety of theories and processes which you can find details of on my Therapy Page. I feel this allows me to provide a more holistic approach to the techniques required for you to achieve your goals!

Aside from being here at Apt-uk; I have volunteered as a counsellor with a few different charities working on a range of issues, but predominantly with young people, carers and adults with substance misuse.  I have BPS (British Psychological Society) approved courses in Clinical Supervision, obtaining Accreditation Level 3 (Advanced) with Assessed Academic and Clinical Competence.  An Advanced Diploma in Traumatology & Supervision and an NCP (National Council of Psychotherapists) accredited level 7 post graduate diploma in Traumatology & PTSD where I am now also a Lecturer.

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